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My Testmony….in all actuality i cant say its mine but in facts God’s i love him with every fiber of my being.

I grew up in a Christian home going to church every Sunday and knew of God at a young age. My parents got divorced when I was around 10 I was young and didn’t know much my mother had a police warrent against my father so my sisters and I couldn’t see him for a month and my mom during that month was telling my sisters and I that he didn’t love us or else he would of came home to visit us. Then after that month cause my dad in fact did nothing wrong we would see him during holidays and weekends. My dad was who i looked up to and adored but also had problems like we all have. Fast forward to when I got to high school I was a nrrd but got myself involved in the wrong things. Started with smoking weed but then was caught in HS and was punished obviously. During that was the first time I saw my dad truly disappointed and my mother crying. I was fine for the next 3 years until my senior year. When my sister started HS she was hanging with the wrong ppl and I can’t blame her but only myself. During this whole time I wasn’t going to church and wasn’t living the wrong life going to public school and being fed the lies from Satan and society. I was partying, smoking, pills, and had pre martial sex. Because in this world you can have sex and its your hormones you can’t control them. WRONG!!. that’s a lie straight from Satan. God has a plan for us he has promised us this. I moved to jersey and had to repeat my senior year and I attended ACS. but while there I wasn’t full out for Christ and still lived in this world I would go up to PA for some weekends and would continue to party. I Hung out with the wrong ppl. Ppl who would leave me for earthly things and who needed God but I didn’t tell them about Him. I remember a night when I was wrong friends drinking and I lived in Allentown PA and I was with friends and we were drinking and walking around the city one night they needed more money so they jumped this guy I didn’t know what was going on but went along with it. It was up until April 2010 I saw my little sister was crying because of the drinking and drugs I was high and drunk and she would sit in her room and cry at that time she was 11 . Seeing that I went and cried and told her I wouldn’t do it anymore since then I don’t party or live in the world. I hate my past but can’t change it but one thing I know is that Becky, my sister, learned from my life and her and I have a much stronger relationship. She is constantly is in the word and is always asking Questions and is so knowledgeable for someone of her age about the bible. I’m so thankful that this past year I have been growing and living for Christ. I’ve made some tough choices concerning relationships but I have grown to understand that He has everything under control and not to lean on my own understanding but in fact Gods. When I get mad now I sit back and read one of my favorite books of the bible Job, and see how he LOST LITERALLY EVERYTHING AND WAS INFLICTED WITH SICKNESSES AND DISEASES but not once did he curse God. Also when life isn’t fair I reread my favorite bible verses which is Romans 9:19 - 21: you will say to me then” why does He still find fault? For who resists his will?” on the contrary, who are you, o man who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, “why did you make me like this” will it?” Or does not the potter have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use?” We have absolutely no room to ask him why he does what he does he is a just and loving God. He gives and takes away but is always loving and he has promised us this. We deserve nothing but have been given everything.

Agape - Love to the utmost level !!

in the english language it saddens me that the word love covers so much and is so vague.  One could love their dog, a type of food, there mother and father and even their spouse but they all use that same word “Love”.  Where as in the bible in the original greek there are three different types of “love” “Philia” which means “brotherly love” hence where we get Philidephia.  “Eros” which is physical sexual affection form of love. and finally “Agape” which is love to the utmost it is selfless love. The kind of love that Christ portrayed as he sacrificed his life on the cross in our place. Oh How He Loves Us!!

New Stuff !!

Been awhile since i’ve been on here !! busy with work which is Chick-Fil-A its fun and an awesome time to show Christs’ love by loving people that are actually opposing everything that Chick Fil A stands for.  But living for God is the best thing that i could ever dream of.  He molds us everyday changing us to be more and more like his son! on another note if anyone reads this please pray for my sister as she is deciding on colleges and what not its a stresful time for her but just pray that she keeps her eyes set on Christ as she goes though her options (: but i will be back soon if anyone ever wants to talk or has questions call or txt 484 546 1067 (: Keep Christ First, God Bless !!

Missions Trip Prayers Please.

(: i would like to start by saying how great God is and how awesome He is.  It’s been on my heart for awhile to go on a missions trip but trying to find a way to get connected can be hard as I am still searching around.  I think that it is so awesome that God uses us to spread his name.  Doing things that we are not comfortable with and putting us outside our “comfort zone”.  With God there shouldn’t be a comfort zone that you stay in because with God you can literally do anything and it totally changes your life.  For me as an example I can not stand talking in front of people i get nervous and sweaty and the normal but I know that God will be with me and that comforts me so much knowing that i am never alone.  I just ask for prayer I am in the pursuit of becoming a missionary pilot hopefully somewhere in South America / Spanish speaking countries.  It is so awesome and I just can not explain how grateful I am for everything God is doing in my life. 

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